Finishing up the semester means stress and loads of it. Lucky for us Hawkeyes, Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner and we can all dive into a heaping pile of the best comfort food combo there is: turkey and mashed potatoes (with a side of dinner rolls and pumpkin pie).

Edun‘s fall ready-to-wear collection is the equivalent to a huge plate of comfort food. Are you confused yet? What I mean by this is, if you could put together a fall outfit for a day when you’re feeling stressed and out-of-sorts, you would want it to have a few things:  layers, comfort and warmth. Also, it should probably be black because nothing says stressed-out-chic like being dressed in black head-to-toe. Look after look, her collection crushed that description with several ensembles of trenches, turtlenecks and booties.

First of all, lets back up to praise the turtleneck again, arguably the mashed potatoes of the Thanksgiving dinner of clothing trends. So cozy, so comforting, so perfect to wear to family dinner- conservative and a double chin eraser. In all seriousness though, I love to see the turtleneck back in action and looking more posh than ever. They’re not just for dads and your great grandma, friends. Join the turtle club and grab yourself a turtleneck for the fall and winter season.

Two other must-haves in this show are trenches and black booties. There is not an outfit that doesn’t work with my favorite pair of booties. Every girl should have a pair of these in her closet. As for the trench coats and dusters, Gigi Hadid is the queen of them so if you need some trench inspo, she’s your girl.

For my rendition of Edun’s fall ready to wear collection, I threw in a few of my favorite elements for a slightly different spin. First off, I love thigh-high socks. They’re a great alternative to the classic tights and a dress look. Then I added the red matte lipstick. It’s a timeless and classic look, easily one of my go-tos.

I also decided to add a hat to mix it up a little bit. Some days, the baseball hat you wear to class just won’t cut it. Not to mention, it’s the chicest way to cover up a bad hair day or day old hair. Lasly, stripes. Spongebob said it best when he said “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.”

So if you learned anything from this post it should be to have a trench in your closet, black booties on your shelf and, for this holiday season, to play by the rules of Edun and get yourself a black card membership of to the turtle club.

Get My Look: 1. Black and white turtleneck sweater layered over a tight black dress. 2. A killer trench. 3. Your new go-to black booties.