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STYLE GURU STYLE—The Story Behind Our Style Gurus' Favorite Looks

It is a known fact: our Style Gurus have the RADDEST sense of style. But have you ever wondered what inspired their enviable looks?

We asked eight of our sharpest dressed Style Gurus to give us a glimpse into their closets and minds as they share the story of their favorite looks!

Alexis Kelly, University of Central Michigan

“Feeling fabulous in a small town comes with very low expectations. However, by taking my favorite pieces from my first New York trip and pairing them with classics in my closet, I suddenly feel as if I’m bringing the big city to my small town.”


Sydney Sweeney, San Diego State University

“This whole outfit is vintage—I thrift a lot and it’s cool knowing that when you put on something secondhand, you’re wearing an excerpt of another person’s fashion story. I’m still wondering what woman in their right mind would rid of these classic Tommy jeans, although I’m sure she’d be happy to know that someone out there is taking very good care of them.”


Sierra Cortner, Emory University

““At the end of freshman year I was transitioning from a very Blair Waldorf inspired wardrobe to more quirky ‘what would Elaine Benes wear?’ pieces. The factor that escalated this process was this loud cross-over bag my friend brought back from Korea—good thing she decided that it wasn’t her style!”


Tyler, McClelland, SCAD

“Since being in a long-distance relationship, I have a habit of stealing my boyfriend’s clothes and rocking them as often as possible. His denim jacket is now a staple piece in my wardrobe. He doesn’t mind because his favorite thing to wear is actually my army jacket.


Ally Scandolo, University of Toronto

“This outfit is a tribute to my style present and past; I’m obsessed with minimalism now but I used to be a major mod-lover. The bag was a gift for my 18th birthday and the skirt a gift for my 20th, it’s funny how style changes over time but a timeless piece can be worn no matter where fashion takes you.” 


Eva Thomas, University of Minnesota

“My mom has always been a huge influence on my fashion choices, so it’s not uncommon for me to go digging through her closet to find something to wear. One day, my mom and sister came back from a new thrift store, and my mom had purchased these amazing, lime green and tan Diesel kitten heels. I remember saying, ‘Can I wear them today?’ and she just smiled. I still wear them to this day.”


Emily Cheng, University of Pennsylvania

“Intriguing construction has always been much more interesting to me than ostentatious patterns and textures. The necklace, a gift from my mom, is a reminder that what is simple can still be a statement.”


Andy Jackson, Delaware State University

“I think the piece that stands out the most for me has to be the leather baseball cap. It’s actually my grandfather’s as he is in a biker gang (legit) and he is a guy that tends to like jeans and leather! It gives a nice twist to the rather preppy outfit and plays with textures.”