When it comes down to it, I am rarely a fan of trends. I don’t mean to say that I dislike trying out new styles, but I have never really understood fleeting fashion. I generally only introduce styles into my wardrobe if I intend to be wearing them long term. However, I have decided that one recent trend will become a timeless piece in my closet. That trend is the neck scarf. I think it’s the new, more sophisticated version of a choker this spring, and it’s here to stay.

My obsession with these scarves began last summer when my grandmother gave me some of her old scarf collection from the 1960-1980s. Some she had clearly worn countless times, and others looked as if they were purchased yesterday. Deciding she would not be wearing them in the future, she figured I could put them to good use. She certainly was right. It was a style I had always wanted to try, and given that I had recently chopped my hair a fair bit above my shoulders, I thought it was the perfect way to emphasize the scarf.

So here’s why I think the silk scarf is the great new accessory for spring, and perhaps forever. First of all, they’re such a fun way to mix up a look! If you’re considering this trend, I recommend trying to find vintage neck scarves to create a truly unique style. I love that it’s nearly impossible to find identical prints today because the vintage patterns are just so distinctive.

Secondly, the scarves are so versatile! They can be tied in several different ways around your neck, as well as on your head as a headband or bow. Some even leave them attached to the straps of a tote bag which works as a bag accessory. Scarves can be used whenever you want to add a little something to your outfit.

I like to style these with a basic T-shirt and jeans for an easy look with a bit of sophistication. One of my “lazy day” tricks is to dress in all black (usually a black T-shirt and leggings) with a cardigan on top to have a sleek and comfy outfit. Then, I’ll toss a scarf on top to dress it up a bit.

As for the other features of this look, I chose to wear a pastel, textured coat to mix up the standard springtime jacket. It seems like a minimal take on Hollywood glamour fur coats. I wore my suede booties, which are stylish, neutral, and comfortable enough that I can wear them all day with no problem. Finally, I added a few simple romantic features with my side braid and dangle earrings.

This look is all about the little details, and how they go together to create something special. I am now forever converted to the silk scarf club. Are you?