STYLE GURU STYLE: The Need For Tweed

A tweed blazer is a classic item that may seem dated. However, as seen in the fall 2015 ready-to-wear collections, designers are choosing to feature variations of this item as a part of their collections. Designers like Ralph Lauren showed a tweed blazer styled conservatively and classically with a button-down sweater layered over a shirt with a tie. Rodarte, on the other hand, styles a tweed jacket with high-waisted leather pants and a sheer button-down. As seen by the styling of these two designers and many more, tweed blazers are extremely versatile.

Though many of the tweed blazers on the runway were brown, mine is a navy herringbone. My blazer is a little more fitted and tailored to my body, which keeps the look polished but also youthful. I did not want my look to be to professional because I am just wearing it to class, so I paired it with some more casual pieces, including a flowy white tank top and a basic pair of dark jeans. The white tank top helps to make this look more feminine because blazers may be considered a more masculine item. I completed my look with a pair of brown riding boots.

Tweed blazers are such a classic item, and investing in one will pay off because even when it is no longer on-trend, you can continue to wear it for many years to come. Though I choose to style mine more casually, tweed blazers can look very professional. For example, had I paired this with a cotton button-down, dress pants and flats, I could create a totally different look. To add a little personality, look at the lining of the jacket. You could always roll up the sleeves to add more color or print.

Get My Look: 1. A tweed blazer. 2. A basic pair of dark jeans. 3. A flowy white tank top.