STYLE GURU STYLE: The Lady In Leather

For some girls, throwbacks are not just for Thursdays. On the daily, these girls may find themselves listening to ’80s music, watching The Breakfast Club or digging old fashioned pieces out of their mother’s closet. These type of girls or anyone, who’s looking to sport something retro, should look to Alexander McQueen’s resort 2016 collection for inspiration.

As per usual, Alexander McQueen’s collection features a cool mix of classic ensembles. Add a pinch of retro in the mix, and you have their resort 2016 collection! The collection features a tweed dress with an oversized jacket on top. Each jacket features some sort of unique detailing to give a new twist to an old favorite; floral prints and funky belts are just to name a few.

To adopt the leather look myself, I grabbed my mom’s old leather jacket from the ’80s. What’s so unique about this jacket is its chunky gold buttons. To match, I’m also wearing O-shaped gold earrings (which I also stole from my mom!). Under my jacket is an outfit that Sandy from Grease would definitely approve of: a black crop top with some black trousers. What is so awesome about this look is that you can wear it around campus during the day or around town at night. To top it all off, I kept it neutral with some nude flats and went bold with my burgundy lipstick!

Get My Look: 1. An oversized leather jacket that is both classic and cool. 2. A versatile black crop top. 4. High-waisted black trousers. 5. A dark lipstick that makes a bold statement.