STYLE GURU STYLE: The Dior Express

Delicate, detailed up-do hairstyles, floral rompers and white Converse are a must have for anyone’s summer wardrobe. While it is nice to spend more time on your outfit, I absolutely love sticking to outfits that you can easily put together. With so many aspiring plans for the summer everyone must have an outfit or two they can just throw on. Here you can find just that.

Taking inspiration from the Dior resort 2017 collection, I combined the floral print with the well known braided crown for that English summer look. As a brand, Dior depends heavily on the narrative of the past and focuses on the royal theme, such as Princesses and Queens taking their early morning walks in the formal gardens and sightseeing in the parkland of the Duke of Marlborough’s estate on a cloudy morning, sipping exotic teas. Just as the Princess and Queen look and dress exquisitely detailed, you can do the same in a more casual way.

Focusing on that British theme, I decided to incorporate the same floral print idea; however, instead of a dress I went with the modern romper. It is easy to find them anywhere and they are extremely pretty. My romper has puffed sleeves and asymmetrical drawstrings making this romper simply adorable. This item will doubtlessly sell well this summer season. Then add your simple classic white Converse for comfort throughout the day.

As for my hair, braids are the best to turn to for that summer up-do—or more specifically the braided crown. It gives a sense of sophistication and royalty with the crown feel, but still incorporates our well-known French or Dutch braid. Overall, this outfit makes it easy to get ready in the morning before heading to your summer activity.

Get My Look: 1. Floral romper. 2. White Converse. 3. Gold rings.