STYLE GURU STYLE: The Cinched Waist Illusion

Jason Wu really outdid himself this spring by using the most exquisite fabrics to create looks that can easily be worn on an every-day basis.

I found Jason Wu’s 2016 spring ready-to-wear collection to be over the top this spring, as it included the trendiest looks of today’s time, while also mixing in classics. Wu incorporated boxy crop tops, cropped sweaters and small, tasteful cut-outs, while also managing to integrate delicate fabrics. This resulted in designs like shaggy, belted jackets and tops, ruffled looks, high wasted and belted looks, snakeskin dresses, leather skirts, shift dresses and fur. Overall, this collection is refined, yet comfortable for creating wearable looks. Reflecting on his past collections, this collection demonstrates his evolving talent as a tailor as he was able to ever so slightly tear at the delicate fabrics while simultaneously keeping the looks sophisticated.

I reflected this collection in my outfit by mirroring the cropped sweater and high-waisted skirt look. I am a fan of the cropped sweater and skirt combination with fringed booties because it is perfectly wearable for a chilly spring day. I adapted this look to my own wardrobe by swapping the skirt for some tailored, cinched shorts. Furthermore, the belted shorts I am wearing accentuate the waist and the cropped sweater highlight my waistline even more by ending at the belt of my shorts. What I appreciate the most about Jason Wu’s collection is that it does not discriminate body types, making just about any silhouette look fabulous. Thus, I hope that this collection and future collections of his will inspire other popular and future designers to design looks that can fit any body type.

Get My Look: 1. A cropped chunky sweater2.Tailored shorts. 3. Fringed booties.