STYLE GURU STYLE: The Choker Comeback

Calling all my fellow ’90s babies, chokers are back! Not only is our beloved tattoo, elastic choker currently in style, but it’s taken on many new forms. From velvet, satin, lace, beaded and so on, the choker family has grown immensely. Amidst this all, the trend has found it’s way into major runway shows, one of which was Fenty x Puma, ready-to-wear spring 2017 Collection.

The designer behind the collection, Rihanna, is known for bold and edgy statement looks that grace every red carpet lucky enough to have her. The spring 2017 collection, however, brought out her girly side with frills, pale pinks, lace and sheer textiles. Her looks were accompanied by some amazing styling of accessories, which featured a handful of various of chokers, one of which carried a satin-like appearance. I was awestruck over her collection’s play on soft but sexy pieces and wanted to channel this within my own look.

The obvious focal point of my look was the deep teal satin choker. This piece immediately brought the edge to my outfit that I was looking for when trying to recreate any mock Rihanna look. I paired it against a smocked off-the-shoulder top from Urban Outfitters that added the girly and delicate contrast, similar to that of the ready-to-wear collection.

Given the weather conditions in Minne-“snowta” (Minnesota), I opted for high-waisted, dark wash jeans that fit me in all the right places. While I would’ve opted for a cute skirt, I think the fitting of the jeans added that sultry appeal Rihanna’s collection implied. To finish it off, I added a lace-up heel in the color “sand suede.”