STYLE GURU STYLE: The Bigger Coat, The Better

I’d like you to take a second to look back and think about all of the popular trends that have been filtering through Instagram, Facebook and major fashion blogs. What would you say is the most prominent trend? Well, there is a trend that really struck fashion lovers’ fancies during this fall 2015 season and is growing stronger and will follow us all into the winter 2016 season. What is it you ask? The structured oversized coat trend! I know some people might be sick of seeing the same old scarf and coat, but I can’t get enough! Guess what? Fashion forecasters and designers have predicted and showcased this trend. It will be hitting the stores and lining the closets of many fashion goers in the fall 2016 season!

Out of all of the runway looks recently showcased, I was very impressed with the Chanel pre-fall 2016 fashion show. From double-breasted peacoats and trenches, to tailored tweed cropped jackets with matching pencil skirts, to flowy white blouses with black faux leather skirts to collarless cotton jackets with ruffled bell sleeves. Their use of different patterns and neutral tones is magnificent. These pieces blend together to create a line that is trendy yet sophisticated, with an old-time classic Parisian vibe.

All though I have to say; several of these pieces give off quite a major decade flashback to the ’80s and ’90s. Especially their styling of black patterned tights, with a short sweater dress and long double-breasted peacoat. All I can picture is Julia Roberts walking down Rodeo Drive sporting her short dress, oversized coat and faux leather black knee-high boots.

For my look I decided to focus on the oversized coat trend, it is such a simplistic and flattering way to accentuate your casual everyday look. Paired with this coat I included a pop of color with my cashmere colorblocked wrap, a classic black long sleeve T-shirt, distressed skinny jeans, black suede pumps and a pink glitter skinny belt. This is a great outfit to wear to class, out to brunch with friends or even running errands. It is the perfect pulled together look, that is not only fashionable with clean lines but extremely comfortable.

What is your current favorite runway trend?

Get My Look: 1. Oversized navy structured vail parka from J.Crew factory. 2. Light washed distressed denim jeans from J.Crew. 3. Modern long sleeved crew T-shirt in true black from Gap. 4. Cashmere colorblocked wrap scarf from Talbots. 5. Pearl earrings from Tiffany & Co.