STYLE GURU STYLE: That's So '70s

It’s fall ya’ll, which means I could not be more ecstatic to retire the beloved high-waisted shorts and replace them with denim of all kinds. Although my style is consistently changing from season to season, day by day, a common denominator has seemed to be present. I’ve learned that less is sometimes more and simplicity is key. This is why I have been totally obsessing over one of my favorite designer’s, Joie, fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

Joie’s fall collection is the perfect combination of simplicity and girly, can you dig it? I particularly fell in love with look six, a pair of high-waisted, dark flared pants paired with a tucked in chiffon button-down blouse. This flare styled jean is the must-have this season because of the perfect silhouette. They give just about anyone that sleek and slender look we are all just dying to have. It’s time to hop on that bandwagon and embrace this blast from the past. However, I may be just a bit biased after sitting through a two hour lecture in my Psychedelic Rock class dreaming I could go back in time.

This look is easily transformed into my personal style because it’s effortless. As for my look, I chose to go with a medium wash flare denim with a basic off-white blouse made by the beautiful Joie. It’s the basic white T-shirt and jean look (with a little more funk and luxe)—something every Fashionista should have in their closet. This outfit is easy to accessorize with a vintage western belt and a classic black fedora. Joie de Vivre!

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted flare jeans. 2. A classic button-down blouse. 3. Vintage belt.