August is always a month of conflicting emotions for me. While I’m bummed about the summer ending, I’m excited to go back to Madison, see my friends, start a new internship and take new courses. And, of course, I always have conflicting feelings on what to wear. While the days just keep getting hotter and hotter, the only thing on my mind is fall fashion. While fall has always been my favorite season in terms of style, other Fashionistas may also start feeling ready for fall thanks to the lure of pre-fall collections.

One of my favorite pre-fall 2015 collections was by Chloé. Full of natural tones, soft textures, billowy, oversized shapes and lots of layers, the collection was made for the bohemian, feminine Parisian. One of my favorite pieces that popped up a couple times in Chloé’s pre-fall 2015 collection was the blanket wrap.

The blanket wrap is the perfect accessory for August and the fall months. Bring it along to a bonfire and wear it when night brings cooler temperatures. And, when September rolls around, you can toss it over practically any top for a quick and easy outfit to wear to class. The color-block blanket wrap I’m wearing features earthy tones reminiscent of fall. The wrap is also monogrammed, a classic, preppy touch. Underneath the wrap I wore a simple black tank top to keep myself cool during the day. While I wore long skinny jeans, the light wash makes them more summer-appropriate. I added a minimalist, vegan leather black belt to accentuate the classic feel of my outfit. To pay homage to the reoccurring fringe elements in Chloé’s collection, I wore a black leather backpack with tassels on the zippers. Finally, I wore sandals with a thick ankle strap and gold buckle to complement the belt. While Chloé’s pre-fall collection had its signature bohemian feel, my look ended up being more classic. Think of it as if the Chloé girl spent a weekend getaway up north at her lake house.

To transition this look to autumn, I would swap out the tank top for long sleeves, light wash denim for medium wash denim and sandals for black leather Chelsea boots. Keep the blanket wrap, belt and backpack and you’re good to go!

Get My Look: 1. Color-block blanket wrap. 2. Light wash skinny jeans. 3. Black leather backpack.