STYLE GURU STYLE: That '70s Style

October 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s no matter which fall 2015 runway collection you mull over, the ‘60s and ‘70s were clearly a huge source for their inspiration. One show in particular caught my eye, the Victoria Beckham fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection; it was the epitome of what this season is in terms of dress for me.

Often times when you see certain colors, hues or silhouettes, they evoke memories of certain places or things in your mind. Personally, Oak Buff (as coined by Pantone) takes me to the Jane Birkin era, style wise. Luckily for Fashionista/os like myself, there are so many ways to translate these current trends and daring shades into our personal style. Focusing on the most fashion forward color for the autumnal months, this golden-yellow or camel shade, can be a base color or an accent piece with the vast variety of fall separates.

My outfit was compiled after a shopping trip to Banana Republic, where I fell in love with this chunky knit turtleneck sweater. Of course after trying it on with the more modern denim I knew I needed to have it for my wardrobe; the zipper details on both were a major selling point for me! It was definitely a match made in heaven with perfect proportions and color combination, for my personal style preference.

Mastering the ‘70s uniform for fall is done by merely expanding your accepted colors and silhouettes of seasonal staples. For example, oversized knits always comprise a large portion of my own fall attire, but by switching from my typical color palette, I’ve adopted the new fall neutral. It took something as simple as broadening my horizons and trying on a different shade than I normally to make the trend work for me.

Considering the shade in the same category as your other achromatic fall tones can be so foreign, and we find ourselves overlooking the burnt orange/yellow tones in fear that they won’t work for us. Abandon your inhibitions and trust that the color trend from decades past can be your fashion statement for the season. If you’re worried that you will appear lost in a vintage-translation, you can keep your mind at ease by adding even more modern touches.

The straight, center part hairstyle paired with my sweater are the most ‘70s-inspired aspects of my STYLE GURU STYLE look. The up-to-date pieces included the distressed skinny ankle zip jean, my favorite House of Harlow 1960 beaded booties and Fendi sunglasses followed by modern gold accessories. You can even try swapping your handbag for an oversized tote with flats or boots and a scarf, making for a casual look to head to class. Relax and enjoy; when you find the perfect balance, you’ll look and feel confident and fashion-forward.

Get My Look: 1. An Oak Buff sweater. 2. Modern denim. 3. Black fall booties.