January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

I’m a lover of good textures. Half of shopping for me is going around and caressing the clothing around the store. This embarrasses whomever I’m with to no end but I refuse to buy something if it doesn’t feel good to my wandering hand. Maybe this is a sensory issue I should’ve gotten help with long ago but thanks to it my closet is full of some of the softest clothes.

These velvet cropped boot cut jeans are no exception. I walked into my local Madewell one day and knew they had to join my closet the second my fingers came into contact with them. This velvet fabric is some of the softest I’ve ever felt. And velvet is huge this year which is a  bonus. This wine color is lust-worthy as well. I love any piece of clothing that looks like a good bottle of wine. These pair well with basics such as this mock neck turtleneck. This passed the softness test with flying colors. It falls nicely on the body, it’s not itchy on the inside (hands up emoji am I right?), and it goes with everything. I wear this tucked into the front of cabernet jeans giving me a waist and keeping me warm.

A new trend we’ve been seeing this season, that I just fell in love with, is mules. Gucci did their Princeton leather slipper and everyone just went crazy for them. Personally, I have my eye on the fur version Gucci has but with their price tag I’m stuck just staring at them on my laptop late at night. However, I found a pair strikingly similar at Steve Madden. They even have the gold accent like the Gucci ones. These faux leather mules are the perfect shoe to slip on and to pair with a mixed texture outfit such as this one. They pull the outfit together and make it look more polished.

Jewelry is another good way to add some flare to an outfit. I personally am fond of gold jewelry. I find it adds some glamour to an everyday outfit. These gold bracelets are great to add to any outfit. Jewelry works well because you can wear it so many different ways and with so many different outfits. I like to find simple bracelets and then stack them together to make my ordinary outfit a little less ordinary. Another way to add metal as a texture to your outfit is to add a bag that has hardware to match your jewelry. This bag’s chain goes great with the bracelets and adds that extra pop of gold hardware against the soft textures.