Rock Those Wide-Leg Pants for Your Next Class

Rock Those Wide-Leg Pants for Your Next Class

Some things never change. Dressing for the first day of class is arguably the most exciting part of going back to school, besides all the back-to-school shopping, of course. But once the homework begins to pile up and the tests start, everything else often takes a backseat. Instead of excitedly picking your outfit for the day, you throw on the easiest outfit just to make it to your early class on time after a late night study session.

Finding the middle ground between comfortable and trendy for class can sometimes be the last thing on your mind. Avoid this funk and stay looking chic all semester long by incorporating wide-leg pants into your wardrobe. If you still feel unsure about this trend, don’t worry. Keep reading for tricks and tips on how to style wide-leg pants for class.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

Wide-leg pants are the perfect piece to look put together while being comfortable enough to sit through your lectures. Paired with a graphic T-shirt or a pull-over sweater, this trend will become a staple in your fall wardrobe. If you aren’t sure how to style wide-leg pants, a classic white T-shirt will do the trick. The non-restrictive feel of these pants are perfect for the days when you missed your alarm. Even throw on a pair when skinny jeans just aren’t cutting it. Whether you love a pop of color in your look or a sleek monochromatic outfit, there’s a pair of wide-leg pants for everyone.

PHOTO: Ali Bell

If you’re like me and have trouble choosing shoes for wide-leg pants, add a pair of mules for a dressier vibe. Throw on a pair of Adidas for the days when you know you’re going to be running around. You can wear wide-leg pants with flats or wedges to fit any occasion. Whether you dress this trend up or down, this look will be your go-to outfit, even when you aren’t in class.

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Featured photo by Daisa Harris.