Have you ever dreamt about living in a candy winter wonderland full of cotton candy snow as a child? Well imagine this cotton candy-like snow sprinkling from the sky ever so gently as winter’s first snowfall of the year right in the heart of NYC— talk about a sweet start to the new year!

As you could probably already guess, growing up on the West Coast meant that I barely saw snow, let alone touched it. Being so accustomed to the usual desert’s 110-degree weather made me apprehensive about the upcoming winter season in the Northeast. I faced a challenge: mastering the art of layering while still looking fly. After some practice, I finally figured out the secret— thermals, leggings, and thick statement jackets.

Here I am sporting a thrifted houndstooth jacket that emulates a ‘60s vibe. I absolutely love vintage clothes and try to include similar nostalgic pieces in my wardrobe. My black faux fur gloves, also thrifted, married the jacket and fluffy pink earmuffs together; the fur’s soft textures complementing the earmuffs and the dark shades of the leather matching the hints of black in the houndstooth pattern. To balance the flirty feminine pieces, I wore my steampunk-esque black boots for an edgy, contrasting look. Throw on the perfect pink tote and you’ve got yourself a recipe of FABULOUS.

In case you were having a closet dilemma like I was, I hope this article sparked some hope that it is very much possible to look sweet and still stay warm at the same time! If I can survive the cold weather while dressing in a fashionable manner, then so can you! The trick is to layer and find bold pieces that stand out and speak to you and your style. I wish you all the best of luck to your layering endeavors and enjoy the rest of this winter season!