STYLE GURU STYLE: Out for Summer!

For my last article of the semester, I decided to show you guys a little bit of my personal style. Disclaimer: I’m officially halfway through college and fresh out of finals, so please excuse the bags under my eyes.

Summer weather has just hit New York, and the Cali girl in me is loving it. It’s finally time to trade in those booties you’ve been wearing out since fall for the sneakers and short shorts. Now that I’m finally able to spend less time in the library (sorry 12 hour study sessions, but we both knew this was coming), I can spend my last few days in New York exploring the city and enjoying the amazing weather!

First thing’s first, sunscreen! Growing up near the beach, I learned the importance of sunscreen very early on, especially because I have such fair skin. Sunscreen always used to make me break out, even if it was labeled non-comedogenic, but with Glossier’s new Invisible Shield, I have finally found one that moves with my skin and is lightweight enough to allow my skin to breath without having to sacrifice a good SPF number of 35. I definitely recommend it.

When the weather starts getting into the high 80 and the 90 degrees and I know I’ll be moving around a lot, I like to wear shorts like the ones I’m wearing here. They’re soft, lightweight, and so simple. I’ve paired them with a similar lightweight, simple black tank, classic sneakers, a pink bomber jacket, and a pink hair bow, just for fun. If you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with millennial pink, and it has found a way to basically take over my entire wardrobe since spring.

Side note, if you’re an NYU student, like me, and love fashion, definitely check out They hosted an event earlier this month with BlancxEclare, and I got this pink bomber jacket for 20 percent off. I also got my makeup and hair done for free! It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests!

I’ll be returning as a Style Guru this summer! Follow me on here and on my social media to see what I’m up to while I’m studying abroad in Paris!