STYLE GURU STYLE: Summer to Winter

Am I the only one who’s inspired by menswear? The Michael Kors fall 2015 menswear collection inspired me with its sleek silhouettes and effortlessly smart looks. I think many people are afraid to look at menswear because they think there’s nothing they could possibly get out of it, and that’s not true. In the colder months, I stick true to my style and keep wearing chunky sweaters, skirts, and dresses, but I always pair either some knee-highs or opaque tights underneath. There’s nothing worse than going outside and having your legs feel like they’re about to freeze right off.

For this look, I choose to go with my trusty bobbled, white sweater because I wanted to keep the top part of my look light and bright. I paired it with one of my favorite dresses from Forever 21 because it had so many colors on it, and it made me happy. Its back has a deep V made out of nothing but mesh paneling. Summer dresses can work for winter too, if you layer them properly. Picking the right over-garment can keep you warm without sacrificing the silhouette of the dress. Of course, I paired some black opaque tights underneath it and went for my combat boots. What’s a winter look without boots? My necklace was a birthday gift from my mom, and I think it works well with the outfit. Don’t be afraid to look at menswear for inspiration too, because you might just see something you like.

Get My Look: 1. White sweater 2. Printed dress 3. Heart necklace