STYLE GURU STYLE: Summer Pastels

Summertime is the best time to dress the way you want. No more heavy coats and layers to cover yourself head-to-toe. My favorite summer style is wearing a lot of lace or a lot of pastel colors. When I can find a garment that suits either, I absolutely can’t pass up purchasing it. One of the bigger trends this summer is the use of very light colors, especially mixed in with fringe and different kinds of lace.

Very few people can afford a brand new designer to wear out to a summer party, so that’s why I try my best to find pieces that resemble things that I look up to; and of course, something I wish I could afford to wear.

Everything I own in my closet is inspired entirely by the Rococo and Baroque period. I love to include a lot of lace and patterns that resemble a twist on both bohemian and Baroque looks, especially from the designer, Valentino.

In this outfit I tried to look very elegant by adding a twist on a more simplistic Roman style, much like Valentino showed in his spring/summer 2015 collection. Since there were not many details in the dress, it was the perfect opportunity for me to pick out an eye-catching accessory to wear. Big necklaces are a great key accessory to add if your outfit or dress lacks patterns, beads or other intricate designs. Valentino always inspires my look. His pastel dress shown in his summer collection inspired my look because of the soft baby blue color and lace details, which fit to my personal preference.

I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry with blaring patterns, so I choose outfits I can easily put together to make me look elegant and sophisticated.

Get My Look: 1. A pastel lace dress. 2. Big necklace. 3. Gold chain sandals.