Black has always been one of my favorite colors in fashion. Not only is it slimming, it also gives off a serious and strong yet softly elegant vibe. The A.L.C. pre-fall 2015 collection was gorgeous. She seamlessly incorporated a relaxed, yet classy and appropriate look. The overall black and white feel was one of my favorite elements to this collection. Although the collection is pretty straightforward, it does have some aspects that reflect an overall unique style.

In this look, I incorporated the high-waisted trouser look from her fall collection. My trousers have a grey and black plaid pattern because I love adding flair without taking away from the simplicity of a look. The plaid was very subtle, but it added a preppy look to an otherwise sassy and bold ensemble. I paired my trousers with a solid black turtleneck and my shoes are 4 inch chunky heel boots. I wore heeled boots in order to highlight the overall fit of the pants and elongate my legs. High-waisted pants are one of my favorite trends right now. They’re timeless—I love that they have been around for decades yet still look innovative and stylish.

Andrea Lieberman’s fall collection represents my own personal style because it has a crisp, yet edgy look. I am all about dark colors rather than really bright neon colors, so this collection really hit the mark for me. I love clothes that have subtle details, but can still turn heads, and this collection did just that.

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted plaid trousers. 2. A solid black turtleneck. 3. A pair of chunky heel boots.