STYLE GURU STYLE: Style Rule for Back To School

Unfortunately, the time has come to put away our tanning lotions, to pack up the campers and to store away the beach gear. The end of summer 2015 is just around the corner. Before you know it, it’ll be time to hit the books, but not before picking out the perfect back to school looks!

My inspiration for this look came from the 2016 resort collection by Trina Turk. Here, she showed bright neon summer shades that you would typically find in beachwear. For me, I chose to translate this into my current look, using neon coral as an accent color.

Back to school is the ideal chance to sport all of your vacation T-shirts and other merchandise, to show off where you’ve traveled this year (tip: Stayed local this summer? There are plenty of stores that sell “destination” attire with state names and cute logos. Wear one of those and no one will suspect a thing!). 

Since classrooms and lecture halls tend to be a bit chilly with the AC running all day, I chose to pair my neon top with denim capris that have detailed pockets. Capris are a win-win because they still help beat the heat, but they keep your legs warm while in class!

Most campus style colleges require a lot of walking from building to building. Keeping that in mind, I ditched the summery sandals for some equally stylish and more supportive canvas slip-ons (Don’t you just love the floral print?).

With summer still heavily on my mind, I chose to accessorize the look with a couple anklets, and of course, a few bangles and a watch. I kept the hair somewhat beach wave tussled and went easy on the makeup by adding just a little pop of color to the lips (color shown: Candied Coral). Here’s a hair tip: pinning your bangs out of your face both adds dimension to your hair when you style it down and is convenient for those long study sessions and test-taking days.

Now with my floral backpack, books and laptop in hand, I’m ready to start the school year and my wardrobe choices off strong! Here’s to late night study sessions, early morning classes and doing whatever it takes to reach that dream career!

Get My Look: 1. A top. 2. Capris. 3. Shoes.