STYLE GURU STYLE: Stuck in Neutral

As I stated in previous posts, and as I will state again, when it comes to my wardrobe, neutrals are definitely my thing. Even when I dress in colors, I drift toward the muted, soft-toned colors as opposed to the bright, and I always end up pairing the colors I do wear with other neutral pieces. Even though a closet full of neutrals may sound boring to some people (definitely not me), neutral pieces are extremely easy to dress up or down for any occasion and they pair with basically everything.

So, since I can’t seem to stray from neutrals (I do try, I swear), it was basically inevitable that I would end up being drawn to the gold, blush, gray and black color palette of the fall 2016 ready-to-wear Hermès collection.  Not only was I inspired by the colors they used, but I was also inspired by the androgynous vibe all of the pieces had. The collection started with perfectly structured monotone pieces mainly consisting of tops, pants and skirts, and then slowly transformed to loose, flowy skirts and dresses. They paired neutrals with neutrals and kept the prints to a minimum to achieve a stunning collection. Seriously, props to Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski for being the mastermind behind this great collection.

I drew inspiration from the color palette and simplicity of this collection to create this wearable look. I kept all my pieces mostly neutral, including the blush-colored top I’m wearing, and added a pop of gold with my bangle. I also loved the androgynous feel of the Hermès collection, and tried to incorporate that into my look as well by pairing my collared top with my black OneTeaspoon jeans.

 Get My Look: 1. Blush colored top. 2. Black jeans. 3. Gray heeled booties.