STYLE GURU STYLE: Struttin' In My Joggers

When I was younger, I was definitely a tomboy. I preferred playing with cars, and I hated wearing dresses. I would stay away from anything that was pink, frilly or girly. Though I am now more open to the idea of mixing different styles, my current wardrobe still reflects my inner tomboy taste.

Alexander Wang has always been one of my favorite designers, so it is no surprise that I took some inspiration from the Alexander Wang Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Alexander Wang manages to create an edgy mix of femininity and masculinity that is always well structured and on trend. In his collection, Alexander Wang showcased the classic pants in different variations and styles. In my opinion, the bottoms are the standouts in each and every outfit. Thus, I decided to style a popular clothing item among college students which are joggers.

Staying true to my tomboy side, each piece in my outfit can be classified under the masculine category. To be honest, I can see any male rock this outfit. This is why I love fashion; With some confidence, any person can wear anything.

For the chill autumn days I chose this gray, oversized sweater which I decided to cuff at the sleeves. Though this may resemble a grandpa sweater, it is perfect to just throw on for those lazy, college days. Inspired by Alexander Wang’s direction to showcase different styles of bottoms, I too, decided to style some on-trend joggers. To add some color, I chose this pair of velvet red ones. What’s the perfect shoe to wear with these pants? I topped off the outfit with some all black Nike shoes. As for accessories, I kept it simple with my everyday necklace and a black watch.

This outfit definitely exemplifies my own personal style. For one, it mixes in masculine pieces which I am open to because I love experimenting in fashion. Second, I like staying on-trend, and it is evident with the joggers and the sneakers. Most importantly, it is comfortable, which is number one in my book!

Get My Look: 1. Any chunky sweater. 2. Some sporty joggers. 3. Nike shoes. 4. A black watch.