STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes, Florals And Polka-Dots, OH MY!

Like the title reveals, there are so many different prints out there today. Have you ever thought about pairing your pinstripes with your polka dots? Or is the image in your head just not painting the right picture. I am here to assure you that mixing prints can be done, as long as it is executed the right way!

Taking some runway inspiration from the spring 2015 ready-to-wear J.Crew show, mixing prints within one outfit is a popular trend right now. Using their classic preppy chic style, I tried to incorporate this off the runway trend into an everyday look.

I started with printed shorts because these are so versatile and can be worn all summer in so many ways. Check out this cute and budget-friendly pair from Old Navy! I paired my floral print with a striped boat neck sweater. In this specific look the stripes serve as a neutral balancing out the print on the bottom. Make sure you stay within the color scheme here because you don’t want the prints to be too busy. A good way to make a small statement with splashes of color is through your accessories. I chose to stick with gold accents, but this outfit could have been paired with some bright yellow accents.

With these tips you can take your next fashion statement from trendy to groundbreaking. Try sticking with cheetah print, stripes, chevron and polka dots as a ‘neutral’ print. Then pair it with fun florals, or even a flirty paisley.

I hope that I have made the off the runway trend more realistic for everyday wear. This one is simple to grasp and you can pair up things you already have hanging in your closet! Take this trend and incorporate it into one of your outfits this week and I am sure someone will take notice. Your trendiness will be contagious—always remind yourself that fashion is about taking risks!

Get My Look: 1. Any pair of printed shorts 2. A striped sweater to pair on top 3. Fun accessories to personalize your look