STYLE GURU STYLE: Stripes and Denim

The weather has been pretty strange where I’m at, so getting dressed for any occasion can be a little tricky. Some days it seems like we’re going to be sent into an early spring, and other days I’m bundled up! For this featured look, I wanted to combine a piece I would normally rock in the summer and layer it up to meet the needs of the recent day to day changes.

Starting off with the summer piece, I wore a black and white, vertically striped romper which I layered on top of a sheer black bodysuit. Personally, I love this romper so I didn’t want to take too much attention away from it and how it shows off the shoulders, which is why I paired it with a sheer top. Sheer black tops are effortlessly simple and sexy, and I felt I could still show my shoulders without being caught in the wrong season! On top of these pieces, I threw on a plain denim jacket. I felt that a distressed jacket or a denim jacket with patches would have taken attention away from the boldness of the romper, which is why I decided to stick with a plain one. Also, denim jackets are definitely a staple piece everyone needs, so I highly recommend that!

To accessorize, I just wore a simple silver chain necklace and picked up my favorite pair of sunnies, which are just black, round frames. For the bottom of my fit, I usually love to pair heels with rompers because they just accentuate people’s legs and it is always a great feeling to look like you have dazzling long legs! However, because it is still a little chilly outside, I chose a close-toed pair of platform booties with a block high heel. These shoes kind of remind me of military-styled boots because of the texture on the underside, which serves its purpose as traction while walking. Therefore, I could run errands in these shoes and I wouldn’t have any issues. Lastly, I just threw on a pair of plain white socks that were longer in length than usual just to peak out of my booties. These socks simply throw the look together because it helps the outfit look a bit softer and it maintains the flow of monochrome.