STYLE GURU STYLE: Strides In Stripes

As a college student who’s forced to drag herself out of bed and walk what seems like miles to class everyday, I know that being “fashionable” can be a hard thought to fathom while getting dressed. My go-to outfit usually involves some tailored sweatpants or drop-crotch trousers and a long T-shirt, far from what one might consider “runway inspired” but designer Giorgio Armani is adding whole new depths to the term casual this season.

Taking inspiration from his youthful offspring’s spring ready-to-wear line, Emporio Armani, I found myself infatuated with his relaxed yet classy use of my two favorite types of clothing: trousers and pointy ankle boots. Though flowery prints and bright pastels are rarities in my wardrobe, adding a pop of color was definitely necessary for this look. Runway fashion can be translated and transformed in so many ways; for me, comfort is definitely the greatest factor when it comes to that day’s style.

My outfit entails a simple gray crop top, twill trousers, an oversized, striped cardigan and my favorite suede boots. The focal point and highlight of Armani’s spring line and this particular fit is the statement made using stripes. Though the runway look utilized big, bold, bright stripes as its biggest attention-getter, I believe my thin stripes added a hint of subtlety and a sense of simplicity. Adding the contrasting denim-blue color and the sass of my slight heels helps me make a statement of my own: I can rock a runway-inspired look AND be comfy.

Get My Look: 1. Any solid colored or graphic crop top. 2. Trousers. 3. Striped cardigan or trench coat.