STYLE GURU STYLE: Streetwears Inky Tones

Alexander Wang is becoming a more and more well-known and well-appreciated name as each day passes. A favorite designer of mine, Wang has just left the fashion house giant Balenciaga and returned to and refreshed his own designs that are inevitably reminiscent of urban streetwear from the streets of New York City. His 2015 pre-fall collection is a clear example of the designer returning to his roots and using the urban vibes and back-alley looks to inspire some of his latest and greatest pieces. He uses his signature dark colors and edgy fabrics and cuts to style a collection that blends perfectly the dark, inky tones of fall with the bold and gritty looks of NYC.

In this specific look I was inspired by the colors and style of the aforementioned collection. His use of deep, rich colors is an obvious choice for fall and the streetwear vibe of it makes it totally wearable. I chose a maroon Brooklyn sweatshirt paired with dark, destroyed denim. The rich maroon top is my favorite color trend of the season right now and the sweatshirt look is very Alexander Wang and very comfy for a college student, might I add. The Jessica Simpson jeans contributed to the streetwear vibe as they created some interesting contrast with light gray and dark black ink tones in a ripped pattern keeping true to the NYC streetwear looks.

This altogether easy outfit was wrapped up by some dark, faux snakeskin Nike Roshe Runs for a laid-back look that made walking up all the hills on campus that much easier. I love that they are not just plain black running sneakers, but they add a little pattern to the rest of the outfit to keep it from being too boring. I topped it off with a cheetah print hat (yes I love my animal prints) to go with the streetwear look and tame my messy hair from the fall wind.

Get My Look: 1. Dark wash jeans. 2. Maroon hoodie. 3. Nike Roshe Runs.