STYLE GURU STYLE: Street Style Strutting

I wanted to share this really cool outfit I put together. It gives me such a classic New York City street style look. In New York City, during the fall and winter seasons, the weather is always fluctuating. One day it can be 29 degrees and two days later it can be 67 degrees! It can be really difficult to know what to do when it comes to outfits!

Today’s look was on the warmer side, as you can maybe tell, maybe spring will come early this year (yay!). This outfit is really chic looking, which is great, as this was a very comfortable outfit to wear! You can see I’m wearing this denim jacket. I love the embroidery on the back! I love the “Au Revoir” along the back. It’s so cool! I’m in love with graphic pieces and clothing with words on them—specially on the back! I love anything Parisian. I’m planning on going to Paris next month, and this elevates my obsession of Paris and the French language! I love that this piece is long, unlike other denim jackets. The color, it’s a very dark denim, nearly black, making it edgy and unique!

I wanted a more simplistic look, as I wanted the jacket to be the focal point of the outfit. I wore a black V-neck bodysuit,  making it sexy while keeping me cool on the warmer March days we have been having. It’s very flattering to all body types and is also comfortable. I styled these two pieces with some black jeans. It’s very rare for me to do an all black outfit, as I’m a very colorful Fashionista! However, as you can see with my booties, I did add some color. So, this is cool for me to try out something new!

The booties are a beautiful rustic orange/red color which goes beautifully with this outfit. They are a great accessory with an all color outfit, or any winter look, for that matter. They are a velvet material, which is awesome because it adds various textures to my outfit. Mixing textures are a really cool twist to one’s outfit. For an accessory, I added my beautiful Chanel bag which adds some simplicity to the outfit. Which as I mentioned, is something I was going for.

This is an outfit I would definitely repeat, and one I think inspiration can come off from. I picked a staple piece; the denim coat, to be the focal point of my outfit. I worked around it with some black pieces and colored booties. As you can see, taking one or two pieces and working around that can be a fun way to create an awesome street style look!