STYLE GURU STYLE: Stop, It's Hammer Time

Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to wear sweatpants? I’ve had many of those days in the last few weeks but let’s be real as a Style Guru I would never be seen in sweatpants at school! My solution? Joggers, these are every bit of comfort sweatpants have to offer but have such a chic runway look to them. This comfortably chic look was inspired by the Tess Giberson spring 2015 runway show.

Tess Giberson has created such an effortless look and that is what I wanted to emulate in this ensemble. These gray joggers are some of my favorite pants to wear, they are fun and remind me of MC Hammer (hence the title!). My mom likes to call them my genie pants which is also very fitting. Silly names aside these pants are such a great investment because they can be worn for many many occasions. I usually pair mine with a tank top, my bomber jacket and a necklace. To keep with the effortless look, I don’t crowd the outfit with too many accessories.

I always want to balance the flowy nature of the pants with the fitted tank top since you can’t have everything loose and flowing. My bomber jacket is again, another essential in my closet. The army green color can be worn year round and the fit is so unique! By pairing it with my jogger pants I add some color and create a unique shape across the board. My necklace is simplistic and coincides with the effortless aesthetic of the runway show. The shoes add a hint of dressy with the slight heel. The cognac color is very summery and is perfect for this outfit, as well as the strappy design.

This is such a perfect outfit for running errands, going to class, or even meeting up for lunch! This chic trend is great for a feel lazy look great day and can be used over and over again in different ways.

Get My Look: 1. Joggers.  2. Bomber Jacket.  3. Sandals.