Classic and wearable—two terms that are synonymous to Stella McCartney’s designs. While other designers may be more avant-garde and really push the boundaries, McCartney’s designs have always been noted for their everyday wearability. Looking back at past collections, her pre-fall 2010 line perfectly sums up her aesthetic of impeccable tailoring and timeless edge.

The collection was a great mix of casual workwear and more bohemian weekend wear, but ultimately it was just basic neutral colors reworked the McCartney way. For me, one particular look that stood out was surprisingly a beige cape that was paired with a matching pleated skirt and a classic white shirt. To me, this was an effortless preppy look that also utilized my personal favorite: neutral beige. Inspired by that look and of course, by my go-to guru for all things preppy, Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, I took a step into prep!

Prep is all about crisp lines and good tailoring but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. I started out with a staple white shirt, a good base for any preppy outfit and paired that with a tweed high-waisted skirt. Like the one I’m wearing, keep a look out for skirts that have an interesting cut or waistline to add more playfulness. Seeing as it’s still snowy in Syracuse, I added on fleece-lined tights (another staple that can literally take any outfit and make it winter appropriate) and my new ALDO leather boots.

What would Blair be without her ever present headband? So, I added on a headband, a cobalt blue statement necklace to add a pop of color and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Always remember, accessories are a great way to add more drama to an outfit. Finally, working off the beige color from the collection, I topped off my look with my beige wrap wool coat.

Get My Look: 1. A wrap coat. 2. A high-waisted skirt. 3. A Blair-like headband.