STYLE GURU STYLE: Statement Earrings

Hey Fashionistas/os! Do you remember Andy Warhol’s “it girl” Edie Sedgwick from the ‘60s? If not, take a minute to look her up. Even though she lived a short life, it sure was a fashionable one. One of her most iconic wardrobe pieces, statement earrings, are back on the runway for the fall season. Designer Rosie Assoulin uses statement earrings as a major accessory in her fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Her looks are simple and elegant, while the earrings add a funky ‘60s twist to each of them. I used her runway looks, as well as Edie Sedgwick’s personal style as inspiration for my style guru style outfit.

As you can see in the pictures above, my outfit is simple with minimal color. All my accessories, other than my earrings, are small and do not draw much attention. Even though Rosie Assoulin’s designs are much more formal and elegant than my outfit, I still used the same style guidelines. A majority of her designs include one or two colors and either one pattern or no pattern at all. The earrings are meant to be the focal point of the outfit, and it is important to have a good balance so that your look is not too flashy. Statement earrings got their name for a reason—they’re supposed to be making a statement, so don’t let the rest of your look outshine them.

To transition the statement earrings from a runway trend to an everyday fall wardrobe staple, I paired them with a flowy peasant top and distressed jeans. I also wore a pair of perforated leather boots that are perfect for any fall outfit. Once it gets chiller outside, I can easily throw a cute sweater or jacket over the blouse without clashing with the earrings. My look is just one way to way to wear statement earrings. Rather than using them on a casual fall outfit, you can also wear them when you want to be more formal like Rosie Assoulin did in her designs.

For more inspiration on how to wear statement earrings, be sure to take a look at Edie Sedgwick’s looks from the ‘60s. She paired hers with anything from leopard fur coats to simple mini dresses. The possibilities are endless!

Get My Look: 1. Statement earrings. 2. Flowy blouse. 3. Perforated boots.