STYLE GURU STYLE: Stand Out Through Minimalism

I have a strong connection with pure aesthetics. Clean whites, blacks and grays are all I need to feel comfortable. Those looks have been trending on the runway for a while now. After looking through a few of my favorite designers, I came across someone with similarity connecting the outfit I had on.

I have always been obsessed with Japanese designers; they’re always light years ahead of the game. The collection I am incorporating is Y-3’s spring 2016 menswear collection. Yoji Yamamoto is a legend in the industry; he has made a big impact for adidas shoes in the past. His line always gives off a fierce aesthetic, from multi-functional, high end, athletic street attire to formal, yet abstract attire. No one can compare to his brilliance in designs, and his unique, 71-year-old touch makes the difference.

Yoji and I clearly like to keep it simple, but loud within the details. In the collection for the 2016 season, there are a lot of longer lengths. As you can see, I have on a gray, scallop cut T-shirt shirt that peeks out from under my jacket. The all-weather jacket is similar to the jackets in Y-3’s menswear collection. This jacket is the perfect outer layer to my top. I love everyday essentials because they make it easier to throw outfits together. I see Y-3 doing that with a lot of outerwear garments.

For the bottoms, I am wearing a pair of all-white denim jeans. From what I see with runway designs, the bottoms are all a solid color, keeping the outfits balanced. I always try to have my shoes, in some way, match my top. In this outfit, I am wearing a pair of vintage-inspired Vans. As you can see, the white stripes on the shoes come into play with the white buttons on the jacket. The more minuscule the details, the stronger the effect it will have on the viewer!

Get My Look: 1. A long T-shirt. 2. Top it off with a natural colored windbreaker. 3. Lastly, tie it all together with either some basic jeans or joggers.