STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring is Blooming

Spring is in full bloom, and so is everyone’s fashion game. There’s something about warm weather that makes fashion so much more fun. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re less worried about avoiding frost-bite and more about assembling the perfect pieces together, or it could be that skirts, crop tops, and dresses are more our thing. Whatever the reason, I love fashion this time of year.

In this look, I paired together a few of my favorite pieces to create a simple and versatile look. I would wear something like this to class, on a date with my boyfriend while exploring a new city, or just to hang out with the girls. I could throw on a pair of wedges to make it flirtier, or I could pair the look with my favorite Adidas sneakers to add a cool-girl flare. No matter my mood, this outfit can fit the role.

On top, I’m wearing a black off-the-shoulder top. If anyone has been keeping up with my posts, you know off-the-shoulder tops are my staple look—they’re the perfect mix of classy, sexy, and stylish! On my wrists, I’m wearing my favorite Michael Kors rose gold watch and a set of black and gold bracelets to remain in-line with my simple and versatile look. If I were going down the flirty route with this outfit, I could throw on a necklace and some flashy earrings. If I were going down the cool-girl route with this outfit, I could avoid the bling and stick with simplicity.

Moving down to the second half of this look, I paired my favorite Free People jean skirt with my western belt from Nordstrom. I love the versatility of this belt; I could pair it with a loose dress, high-waisted jeans, or any type of skirt. No matter the outfit this belt can add a little definition to my waist while making me look extra trendy. Last but not least, my Steve Madden sandals are on-trend with the biggest shoe look right now: lace-up straps.

Altogether, this outfit makes for the perfect spring day. So, I say, alright spring, do your thing, and watch all the spring Fashionistas do ours.