The best thing about your own personal style is that it can change from day to day. Lately, I have been catching myself doing this more frequently. One day I am wearing something that is fierce and chic and the next I am wearing something that is more sporty. In Alexander Wang’s winter 2016 pre-collection, I noticed that his designs feature a hybrid between something fierce, chic and sporty.

Once I saw this collection, I knew that I had to recreate it. Although some of his pieces in this collection are more risqué, that does not mean I could not take the vibe of this fashion show and incorporate it into my own style. In this collection, one of the main materials was leather and featured achromatic colors with hints of military green and dusty rose. Therefore, when replicating this outfit, I made sure to embody these characteristics into my own look.

I found a way to recreate this collection by wearing a faux leather mini skirt from Topshop with a button-down denim shirt, and over that, I wore a gray sweater. I also wore a green beanie (one of the main colors featured in this collection), threw on some black over-the-knee high socks and a leather jacket. For a final touch, I wore my black faux leather backpack. Not only does this backpack complete the look, but it is also very practically for a university student.

At times, I noticed that it may be quite difficult to mimic a runway show; however, you do not always have to copy it exactly.  As I mentioned before, you can just take the vibe of show and include it into your style. When this occurs, that is when you really get the best of both worlds!

Get My Look: 1. Leather skirt. 2. Sweater. 3. Leather jacket. 4. Shoes. 5. Backpack.