STYLE GURU STYLE: Spice Up a Sweater

STYLE GURU STYLE: Spice Up a Sweater

Never take the basic articles of clothing in your closet for granted. By adding a couple of new accessories, a once boring piece can be transformed into a stylish ensemble. Sweaters, for example, are a staple that everyone owns. Unfortunately, they can become over worn and you might start to get sick of them. That’s when accessorizing and layering comes in key! What better way to spice up a plain, grey sweater than with an edgy, leather jacket and black accents? Don’t feel like you have to go out and replace old pieces of clothing in your closet after certain articles have become boring. Instead, spice them up!

In the outfit above, for example, I mixed a plain, gray turtleneck sweater with a black, chic leather jacket. I’ve worn this sweater from Express many times before, but each time I’ve paired it with different articles of clothing and accessories. For a more casual look, I’ve worn it with leggings, boots, and my hair in a bun. By adding the jacket, though, I’ve turned a casual outfit into something perfect for a night out! The two pieces are very different, but the difference in style works well together. The accessories help. I paired the sweater and leather jacket with some distressed boyfriend jeans. To dress up the outfit a little more, I threw on some simple, black heels. For accessories, I put on a couple of gold rings and a gold and black satchel.

Most importantly, a bright lip color adds some pop to the outfit. I love this look and it definitely reflects my personal style. I’m never able to commit to one look or one overall style, and that’s why this outfit reflects my taste so well. It’s a perfect blend of casual, yet it can also be fun and stylish. Thanks for reading!

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