STYLE GURU STYLE: Sparkles and Stripes

After a long and grueling fall semester, it is time to ditch your textbooks and celebrate! What a better time to do so than on New Year’s Eve? Before the clock strikes midnight, celebrate all of your 2016 accomplishments and look forward to a new year filled with fashion, adventure, and success. NYE style has got to be my favorite, Sparkly and sophisticated. If you need NYE fashion inspiration and an excuse to watch models walk down a runway check out Prada’s 2016 fall collection, these striped ensembles are pure magic and prove that no one can overdo it with stripes.

For my NYE ensemble, i decided to combine some of my favorite pieces and put my own twist on Prada’s collection. Accessories play a huge factor in achieving a runway look, so a jeweled choker was a no brainer. It delicately adds some sparkle to the top of my ensemble so that I can shine from head to toe. I am obsessed with booties and therefore had to add these silver tipped booties to my look. These accessories give my romper a pop of color while still complementing my outfit. My jeweled choker adds to the illusion that I am dripping in jewels.

Stripes are considered a “play pattern,”, but have been finding their way into Fashionistas/os everyday outfits. The pattern is comfortable and easy to wear, making it quintessential for NYE. This black and white striped romper fits in with the casual yet sophisticated style of the New Year. The black booties over a pair of tights are perfect for dancing into the new year.

Whether you’re staying in, going out, or even making your way to the ball drop in Times Square, make sure your New Year’s Eve ensemble sparkles and shines brightly into the new year!