STYLE GURU STYLE: Sophisticated Minimalism

December 16th, 2015 at 2:10am

Less is more! Hey Fashionistas/os! Today I’m focusing on saying goodbye to the bright colors and hello to the neutrals. In life, nothing is cheap and I feel minimalism is the way to go. Especially in fashion, many items are very expensive. Minimalist fashion has turned regular must-have styles into an outlet for those who can’t afford everything. The Filippa K Stockholm spring 2016 collection caught my eye because of the sophisticated minimalist looks.

This collection uses neutral colors and classy looks. One look I saw that I decided to replicate was very fall-inspired: the model was wearing an all white blouse with matching loose pants followed by a long nude jacket and heels.

When mimicking this outfit I based it off the two colors I knew best: white and nude. I started by wearing a white tank top with a white lace shirt on top. This wasn’t any ordinary lace, but beautiful crochet. I added this because I didn’t want to be too minimal. I followed my shirt by pairing it with jeans to dress it up more. Unlike the models outfit, I was inspired to choose jeans because I wanted to go in my own direction. I cuffed my jeans an inch high so I could factor in the detail of my shoes, which were nude heels to match the models outfit. This also matched the shirt I was wearing, as both were lace patterns. I ended my outfit with a bag and gray, long coat. To match the fall season I ended up going with a brown dark tone lipstick. The flexibility is key with this outfit as you could wear it to many occasions like meetings at work, a hangout with friends or even class. But only if you feel like walking around campus in heels!

Get My Look: 1. Lace crochet shirt. 2. Long gray coat. 3. Lace-up heels.