STYLE GURU STYLE: Socks And Sandals

I accidentally stumbled upon the Band of Outsiders spring 2014 ready-to-wear show. To my surprise every look was better than the last. All the pieces were minimalistic with a simple elegance and practicality, but what really made it stand out were the socks and sandals. Each look, whether it be with shorts, a skirt, pants or a dress was impeccably paired with an everyday sandal. This is so wearable! I immediately took inspiration from the vibrancy of the contrasting sandal with a basic sock. How could one not love such a comfy shoe trend?

Often we think that socks and sandals are off-limits. When did it become okay to wear a style created by pale geeky old men on the beach who just don’t want sand between their toes?! (Tourist alert! Yuck.) But have no fear Fashionista/os, socks with sandals is a fashion forward footwear trend! Here is how I took this style fresh off the runway and away from the beach.

I chose some easy pieces as my basic foundation: some gray skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a big comfy cardigan to let my feet be the focus. These black Birkenstocks were the perfect fit for this look. The wide straps make a picture-perfect frame for a patterned sock peeking out beneath. I then selected the warmest wool socks I had in my drawer. It might be relatively warm outside, but it’s still winter. If you don’t have wool socks, feel free to double up on your everyday calf length socks for a nice warm feel. That way your feet will stay cozy in between your 20 minute walks across campus. And if you want to get fancy with it, try some slouchy socks or trade out your flat sandals for your best lace-up heels! The possibilities are endless when you think outside of the box.

The Band of Outsiders spring show displayed that brands like Teva and Birkenstock have had it right all along. Sandals are not just a summer shoe!

Get My Look: 1. Birkenstock Arizona sandals. 2. Patterned socks. 3. A big cardigan.