Don’t put those dresses away for the winter quite yet, Fashionistas, there’s a new trend walking down the runway that may save some of your favorite early fall finds from winter hibernation. Over-the-knee socks are currently in trend and may just help expand our wardrobes during the colder weather months.

Feeling inspired by one of my favorite designers, Rachel Zoe, I decided to put one of fashion’s latest accessory trends to the test. Zoe’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection featured many models daring to bare some black thigh-high socks paired with simple, neutral colored short dresses and jackets. Keeping in mind that layers come in handy in the fall and winter, I felt now was as good of a time as any to score myself some over-the-knee socks and give this new trend a whirl.

Since high socks scream prep and academia, I figured this look would be best suited to wear to class. I paired the socks with a casual striped dress that I bought over the summer but had not yet gotten a chance to wear to class. To balance out the tightness of the fitted knit dress and the attention grabbing high socks, I threw on a loose fitted trench coat to keep things classy and conservative. This idea was borrowed from Miu Miu’s pre-fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection that presented a more traditional take to wearing thigh-highs. Miu Miu’s looks feature many fall jackets being worn with high socks along with a few ankle booties, which I decided to add to my ensemble as well.

Like many others, I’m a sucker for a great statement piece. To add more dimension up top, I put the finishing touch on this trendy look by jazzing it up with some bedazzled bling. Since there is already a lot going on toward the lower half of the outfit, keeping balance with a bold, over-the-knee look can seem kind of tricky at first. Introducing a new, subtle jewel tone to the look is a great way to ensure there is visual interest distributed throughout the entire look.

Don’t feel discouraged when you feel your outfit options are dwindling because of the colder weather. Go ahead. Dig those short dresses out of your storage bins right this instant! With the power and comfort of over-the-knee socks, you will save your wardrobe from the winter blahs this season and rock your favorite frocks all year long.

Get My Look: 1. Over-the-knee socks. 2. A simple fitted knit dress. 3. A trench coat. 4. A jazzy statement necklace. 5. Ankle booties.