STYLE GURU STYLE: Sneaks With Style

October 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Generally, when I think of sneakers my first thought is not high-fashion; I automatically envision the clunky, running shoes that my mom insisted I wear throughout my childhood. Though sneakers have begun popping up in an increasing number of runway shows, like Valentino‘s resort 2016 collection, I rarely see them worn outside of the gym. A number of looks in Valentino’s collection featured sleek sneakers paired with traditionally more formal pieces adorned with colorful patterns.

In an attempt to take my sneakers beyond my workout I decided to break out the most versatile pair that I own, my high-top white Converse. Converse are my go-to shoe when it comes to lifting, but they proved to be just as perfect for a family party; not only were they cute, but they were also much more functional than heels or sandals. I was able to enjoy a long day out without having to worry about how badly my feet hurt.

When it comes to accessories, I normally follow the “less is more” policy for fear of over-accessorizing; however, my simple sneakers allowed me to follow Valentino’s example and make things more interesting with bright colors, patterns and unique accessories. The solid, neutral color of my sneakers paired nicely with an otherwise relatively busy outfit. A peach striped crop top and crochet distressed denim shorts served as the base of my look, which I accessorized in a variety of ways. From my wrists full of bracelets and watches to my metallic satchel and Polaroid sunglasses, no one can accuse me of skimping on accessories.

Get My Look: 1. The perfect pair of canvas sneakers. 2. Brightly patterned shorts. 3. A fun watch.