Sneakers have always been my Achille’s heel, to put a pun to it, when it comes to my style and the glorifying of others’. Sandals have never really been my aesthetic. Many of my guys friends would dig my kicks and many of my girlfriends would ask me how I could pull them off with skirts and dresses. In high school, I had a dress code rule created against me because I used sneakers for my senior art gallery exhibit and the teacher did not approve. If anything, I was vibing with my look because it matched with my painting.

Now, with athleisure sneakers are worn with anything and everything. I used to get weird glances but I was not in any form the first to do this match. So, here I am, a senior graduate and a full time sneakerhead. These red python-print sneakers are one of my most valued shoes being that they are the surviving pair from a splurge of three I did a few years ago. I matched my kicks with a light blue jean, green faux leather jacket, and statement necklace. A look focused on comfort with edge, something I sometimes lacked first coming into college. My style has developed as well as everything around me for the better, thus I am very grateful. This was my last day of college look, and to me it embodied the growth of my style and priorities. This baddie got her Bachelors and is on to explore the new changes to come.

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