STYLE GURU STYLE: Sleek Silhouette

Versace is known for being a seductive, sleek and edgy brand. That is why I know this designer is a reliable go-to when I need inspiration to vamp up my style. What I found especially appealing from the Versace fall 2010 menswear collection is the variety it had! The collection is cohesive with its beautifully minimalistic colors, rich textiles and sex appeal, but it was the different silhouettes that really got my attention. I love how some of the looks are slim-fit, sport coats and trousers hugging close to the body. Then there were looks with large, boxy coats, paired with tight leather pants. The looks with the outerwear and skinny pants were especially appealing, for it brought an ease to the regal, monochromatic outfits that I would like to incorporate in an everyday outfit.

Look seven in the Versace collection is what inspired my black-on-black-on-black ensemble. I kept true to the Versace examples silhouette by wearing a large coat with skinny pants. My parka is perfect for the dropping temperatures, combining cool and functional. The pants, similar to ones in the Versace runway, are an animal friendly faux leather. I completed my look with a loose fitting marled sweater, black boots and some wrist-wear. Lastly, I wanted to add a pop of color, so I did with some RAD reflective Clubmaster sunglasses. Remember: it’s always encouraged to add a touch of yourself in every inspired outfit!

Keeping it neat and sleek is always a perfect go-to for winter fashion!

Get My Look: 1. A large coat. 2. Leather pants (faux if preferred). 3. A neutral sweater.