STYLE GURU STYLE: Sleek Off-the-Shoulder

October 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

This years spring-summer fashion weeks in New York and London are taking the media, especially the social media, by storm. In all the fashion sites I surf, all the blogs I follow, all the apps I use and all the magazines I read, they are fawning over the models, designers and industry heavyweights. Even the bloggers who excel in leading the conversations and riding the endless waves of buzz, are basking in the spotlight. High fashion, while beyond the budgets of the average consumer—including college students—is nonetheless becoming more accessible to the masses. And as a girl from the deep South, I am loving every minute of the overexposure.

Further to this fashion frenzy, the trends from these exquisite runway shows are trickling down to us common folk even faster these days. A good example is the exciting foray of off-the-shoulder flair. Featured in the shows of Rachel Zoe, and many others, exposed shoulders are becoming the new exposed midriff. Whether the neckline is straight across, one shoulder strap or shoulder cutouts, the baring of the shoulder may be one of our most versatile looks for the coming seasons.

I like to translate this trend into my outfit very subtly, using more established, enduring choices as a foundation for the new addition. I opted for a black knit, off-the-shoulder crop top and paired it with super high-waisted jeans. It is still quite warm where I am, so chunky black sandals were the way to go. I also added an orange fringe bag for a pop of color and warmth.

Get My Look: 1. The perfect off-the-shoulder top. 2. Any matching bottoms. 3. A pair of killer on-trend shoes.