STYLE GURU STYLE: Skip the Skinnies, Werk the Wides

STYLE GURU STYLE: Skip the Skinnies, Werk the Wides

Oh, my—have you seen the Alice and Olivia 2017 resort collection? As soon as I got a glimpse of the collection I immediately fell in love. The collection is full of beautiful colors and designs from Jean Michael Basquiat’s paintings, famous notebook entries and his own personal style. Many of the looks from this collection featured wide-leg pants, skirts and dresses full of astonishing prints. (Especially after seeing this, I’m super excited about wide-leg pants becoming a trend again). Alice and Olivia’s 2017 resort collection sparked empowerment, womanhood and confidence in style.

Fascinated with this collection, I decided to pull out a pair of wide-leg pants of my own and style a look of my own using the same concepts. I paired a tan camisole from Forever 21 with a pair of green, orange and brown printed wide-leg pants that were prepared by a designer in Chicago named Sheik, and nude pointed toe heels from Charlotte Russe. I loved these pants because they’re, well, the besthow could anyone not like them?! No, but seriously. They’re great because they have pockets and can be completely versatile when styling and pairing with different looks. In the Alice and Olivia collection, the designs offered more formal looks with button-up tops, but I decided to create a more casual look by pairing my pants with a knit v-neck cami.

The pattern in the pants was enough to make the look pop, so I decided to keep my accessorizing simple: I sported a rose gold watch and a tan satchel handbag from Forever 21. As far as hair and makeup, I went for a neutral face and a sleek bun.

Many of the looks from the Alice and Olivia collection offered confidence, strength and a sense of importance to the wearerwhy I was so intrigued. Lately, I’ve been trying to make my wardrobe just an inch more mature from some of the styles I’ve had for a long time, and with this look I did it. I am always on the hunt seeking new styles, hopefully you’re inspired to do the same. The runway is a great place for Fashionistas and Fashionistos to seek fashion inspiration for their own wardrobe at homeI hope you too can find confidence and inspiration in your style.

Get My Look: 1. Wide-leg pants 2. Knit v-neck cami 3. Nude pointed heels 4. Rose gold watch 5. Tan satchel