STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Saturday

On the weekends, sometimes it’s nice to wake up and start the day with something to put you in a good mood. For me, that’s going to the farmers’ market. This was the first of the season, so I figured I had to go.

It’s just starting to get a little warmer, with the spring season around the corner, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear my slouchy cardigan that can fit over pretty much anything. It’s perfect for the transitioning seasons, keeping me warm, but also leaving room for a bit of wind to cool me off. A cardigan is such a nice staple to have, as you can wear it over a simple dress, basic T-shirt, or anything else, really. It was the complementary addition to my plain black tube top, which is also the perfect staple for any season.

It can be worn so many different ways, but here, I paired it with my favorite jeans that I picked up from a thrift store. They are such a classic denim piece, that I decided to cut them and let them fray a little in the wash, to give off that “worn in” look. They are extremely comfortable and easy to move around in with the looser fit. I like to add neck scarves to simple looks like these; I feel like they pull the look together, by adding something a bit more colorful and interesting. This is another piece I picked up at a thrift store, and have worn more times that I can count.

I love the endless possibilities of clothing. The thought of someone wearing a garment and styling it certain ways, before you come across the same piece, and decide to style it your own way, is insanely cool; it adds so much character to the item.