STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Is Not Boring

Recently, I’ve struggled with differentiating simple from boring. Looking around me, I see so many fully accessorized and stunning outfits that make me wonder if I am just unexciting. For one of my finals where I had to research a designer, I found that I am always drawn to minimalist collections. There is a difference between boring and simple, and I am now embracing the the latter.

This outfit is one of my new favorites for casual occasions. It was excellent for my road trip home for summer. I am not drawn to a lot of accessories, so I think that a high neck can add interest and layering makes a more rounded look. I found this slouchy turtleneck top recently, and I am very excited to try different ways to layer it. In this outfit, I am layering it with an oversize button-down that I thrifted. I love these together because of the monochromatic nature. These one-color looks are very popular lately, and I could not be more supportive! This is a meek application of the trend, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I am wearing my go-to piece: black skinny jeans, which I admittedly wear a little too often. I think they are casual but a little more sophisticated than a regular indigo denim wash. Finally, I included this pair of olive booties that have worn in nicely. These are another accessory that’s easy to throw in. They are also a very neutral color, so they do not distract, but they are comfortable and go well with almost anything.

Sometimes, the outfit does not have to be over the top ridiculous to look high fashion. Some simple essentials paired together can still be interesting. I am excited to build looks that are minimal but with interest as I go forward from here, understanding that boring is not the same as simple.