Recently I have fallen into habit of wearing the same items of clothing over and over again. I’m sure many of you have come victim to this problem before and know just how hard of a cycle it can be to break. Though, I find myself breaking this troublesome cycle whenever a new wardrobe piece comes into rotation. That is exactly what happened with this oversized vintage denim jacket!

I was inspired by this look from Rebecca Taylor’s pre-fall 2015 collection. I had been rather iffy on whether or not I was a fan of the denim jacket until I saw this look and how much personality a great denim jacket can add to an outfit. When searching for the perfect jacket, I knew I had to comb through local vintage stores in hopes of finding the perfect fit. With success, I found this amazing piece from the ‘70s. I absolutely adore the oversized fit and the vintage feel of this jacket. I don’t think I am going to personalize my denim jacket like seen in the Rebecca Taylor look, but I hope that with time, it starts to develop its own personality!

To balance out the vintage feel of my denim jacket, I have on a pair of high-waisted jogger-like pants that I have been obsessed with. On top, I have on a super simple (get it) shirt with the word “simplicity” sprawled across the middle. I love simple graphic tops like this one; they definitely add a touch of personality to any look. For accessories, I kept it simple; I have on my favorite pair of prescription glasses that I find myself wearing more than contacts and a pair of gray slip-on sneakers. As of late, the slip-on sneaker has been my go-to shoe no matter the occasion!

Get My Look: 1. A great denim jacket. 2. A comfy pair of joggers. 3. An amazing pair of slip-on sneakers.