STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple and Clean

December 21st, 2016 at 2:07am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple and Clean

Simple and clean is the way to go. It’s the extra touches that make it chic.

As the weather gets colder, it’s the perfect time to break out my favorite coat. My Italian wool and lamb skin coat is my fall go-to. I’m not a very tall girl but I completely appreciate a long coat to cover my legs. If you’ve ever met me you’ll probably realize that I hate pants. As soon as it’s warm outside, I’m in skirts and dresses. I get around this in the fall by wearing tights under my dresses. When it gets even colder I throw my coat on top.

One of my favorite features about this coat is the gold asymmetrical zip closure. Even though the coat is simple, the asymmetry adds a tiny little detail that makes the coat chicer. If you open up my closet, you will notice that a majority of it is black and maroon. I am wearing a simple long maroon dress and maroon mittens to match. This dress has a flowy silhouette that elongates my short body and doesn’t cling to any areas of my body that I am self-conscious about. The mittens that I am wearing are from Talula at Aritzia. I usually buy a new pair when they go on sale. I believe that every Fashionista/o should shop with a deal in mind. I do recommend that if you find a color that you really like, buy a second pair. It is so easy to loose that extra mitten.

I never feel like a complete person if I’m not wearing a bold lipstick color. For this look I am wearing a NYX Cosmetics lipstick in violet ray. I wanted a gorgeous color perfect for fall to go along with my black and maroon staple pieces.

I wanted to add a touch of fun to my outfit with a floral patterned scarf. The scarf has a magenta tone that goes well with the black wool coat, the maroon dress and the lip color. My mom picked this scarf up for me from Abercrombie & Fitch. It’s so cute that my grandmother keeps trying to steal it from me; and that lady sure knows her style.

Of course you can’t have a complete look if you don’t think of the entire outfit from head to toe. I’m wearing my favorite black leather booties from Naturalizer. Naturalizer is known to have comfortable shoes and these heeled booties are no exception. They make me look taller without hurting my feet. I love these shoes so much that I got them re-heeled. If you have a favorite pair of shoes that just needs some TLC, go to a shoe store to get them spruced up. Sometimes it’s worth it to get a pair of shoes you love fixed, instead of replacing them.

You can keep it simple and keep it clean, but we can all add a bit of fun while being comfortable.