STYLE GURU STYLE: Shoulders and Stripes

A major trend that has been showing up this summer is grunge and different patterns. A few different patterns seen are florals or tropical designs, while other patterns include stripes. Vertical stripes are underrated in the public eye; wearing vertical stripes dramatically lengthens your body. Wearing striped pants makes your legs look longer and thinner, while wearing a vertical striped shirt can give the illusion of a thinner waist. In the Chloé resort 2016 fashion show, a trend evident are the black and white stripes. The piece that I based my look off of is a pair of pants with black and white pin stripes shown in the collection. This trend interests me the most because of how the stripes are flattering on most body types.

To style my black and white striped pants, I wore a white off-the-shoulder crop top. The crop top exentuates my shoulders as well as adds a bit more of a neutral top. The neutral top and neutral shoes help to keep the focus on the pants. The shoes I chose to pair this outfit with were nude heeled sandals. They help to add height and show off the legs more. I also paired the outfit with a few rings to add a bit more interest to the outfit. The rings include gold midi rings and are an interesting touch to the neutral outfit. The rings are another element in the Chloé show, as they were paired with the grunge outfits featured in the collection.

Get My Look: 1. Black and white striped pants. 2. White off-the-shoulder crop top. 3. Midi-ring set.