STYLE GURU STYLE: Shining In Stripes

One feature that I love about fashion is the ability to dress differently and stand out among a sea of others. Even though not everyone is going to love you or your style that does not mean you should immediately forget about shining through your attire. So this school year stand up straight, wear your rad apparel and walk with confidence on your first day back to classes.

One fashion related addiction that is going to help out my own confidence this fall semester is the stunning rag & bone resort 2016 collection. It was striking from the oversized jackets and sweaters to the touches of more formal apparel to the hints of black leather that added a tough love kind of vibe. But my favorite outfit was the one with a pinstriped button-down shirt that held a trace of masculine attitude and perfectly paired black leather shorts for an overall timeless feel.

To recreate my own version of the rag & bone line I started with a long striped button-down shirt (did I mention that I am obsessed with long shirts right now?) for a more conventional aspect. I exchanged the leather shorts with a pair of destroyed American Eagle Outfitters jeans to give off an edgy causal look that is perfect for fall’s cooler weather. Comfort wise, I wore a pair of light blue Converse and added on a pair of audacious sunglasses to complete the look.

So, this coming school year just forget about all of the people trying to put you down and just be yourself in the clothes you love best. Like this splendid outfit perhaps?

Get My Look: 1. Long button-down shirt. 2. Light pair of destructed jeans. 3. Favorite pair of Converse.