February 20th, 2017 at 2:10am

As we Fashionistas keep on styling on, on a daily basis, I decided to make my article about my style. As a Fashionista it’s my duty to keep my closet updated and very chic. My style, like I stated in my bio is very shabby chic. My top stores to shop at are Free People, Nordstrom, and Abercrombie and Fitch. Me being from Illinois, we have this crazy weather change every day. It goes from 25 degrees to 60 degrees within two days. On this day, it was very spring-like out, so I busted out this funky dress.

This dress was just bought from Free People in this month of February, so if your interested, don’t waste any more time and add this amazing piece to your closet. The navy color of the dress leaves us questioning if its metallic silver, but no Fashionistas, it is not. This dress is so cute whether you pair it with a cute pair of open toe booties, like I did here, or some cute leather sneakers. Basically, if you patch this dress with an adorable pair of shoes, you’re gonna turn heads.

Lets move on to my shoes. Now if you haven’t caught on, these Toms open toe heels are my go-to shoes for just about every outfit. They are comfortable, cute, and can make an outfit perfect. I own these shoes in multiple different colors and they are worth every penny from your college bank account.

Accessory wise, I wanted to keep it simple. This dress is already bringing out so much color and since the bottom of it is pleated and the top is low dipped, I didn’t feel like I needed a necklace, because the color itself was doing so much already. What I do love for a great accessory is my felt hat. If I can pull this hat off with as many outfits as I can, there is no stopping me.